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SDAA membership provides you with access to all the club’s fisheries, which include several excellent lakes and premier stretches of the rivers Great Ouse, Ivel and its tributaries in and around Bedfordshire.  SDAA membership also gains access to all IPA controlled waters.


If you click on the name of the water below it will pull up a more comprehensive description of the water




  • The Airman  - A 4 acres former clay pit with depths to 30 feet.  Stocks include Wels catfish to well over 50lb, stunning carp to 30lb and pike to over 25lb.  Also noted for quality roach and a good head of bream, tench, rudd and perch.
  • Broom Lake  - A beautiful 6 acre gravel pit that contains specimen carp to 30lb, plus tench and bream into double figures.  There are plentiful shoals of silver fish and pike.  Anglers are allowed to drive around the lake and park directly behind their pegs for most of the year.
  • Willington Lake  - A classic 12 acre gravel pit that has produced carp to well over 40lb in the past and still with specimens well over 30lb to target, which have been recently boosted by new stocks of top quality English carp.  Also noted for a large tench population, bream well into double figures and consistent pike sport.  Plenty of roach, rudd, perch, skimmer bream and eels.





  • River Hit, River Flit, Ivel Navigation & River Ivel  – Fishing rights along virtually all stretches of river from Shefford downstream through Clifton, Stanford and Langford to Holme Mill (Jordans).  Most noted for specimen perch to well over 4lb and chub over 6lb, these relatively narrow sections of river still hold a good head of roach and dace.  Barbel have recently been stocked into the Flit.  Bream, carp and tench are also present.
  • River Great Ouse  - Four separate stretches with very different characteristics. Pavenham is located on the iconic ‘Ouse above Bedford’, famous for its barbel and chub fishing.  The relatively short stretch of river at Willington is located on the navigable section downstream of Bedford where chub are the dominant species, but with a good mix of other species.  Finally the club controls two sections at either end of St Neots.  SDAA has recently acquired the fishing rights on a 350 yard section behind Little Barford power station.  At the downstream end of St Neots the club has over 2 miles of fishing at Little Paxton including a large weirpool, deep slow moving stretches and shallower faster flowing sections that contain a wide variety of species, many to specimen proportions.
  • Ivel Protection Association Waters  - SDAA membership also gains access to all IPA controlled waters stretching along several miles of this beautiful river, noted for producing specimen barbel over 18lb, chub over 7lb and roach to well over 2lb.