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Broom Track status Closed

Broom lake (plus river access) will be closed to members from 6:15pm on Sunday 4th Feb until 6:15am Sunday 11th Feb.
The Airman will be closed to members from 6:15pm on Sunday 11th Feb until 6:15am on Sunday18th Feb.

Flood Warning

The Ouse, Ivel and tributaries are currently in flood with water extending out into the flood plain in many areas. Both Willington Lake and Broom Lake have been flooded.  The Airman is also currently subject to groundwater flooding in from the adjacent sand pit, but most swims at this venue should remain fishable.  Members should take great care when visiting venues even after the flood waters have receded as banks will be waterlogged and slippery.

Willington Lake

The Water Quality Monitoring Network project is a key part of the Angling Trust’s Anglers Against Pollution campaign and enables angling clubs to get a better understanding of pollution issues on their waters and to use the findings to help seek solutions. To date, over 560 volunteers from nearly 230 clubs have tested water quality on 172 rivers throughout England and Wales.  SDAA committee member Brian Sellers has been monitoring on the River Ivel and River Flit for over a year and recently recorded the WQMN’s 3,000th sample.




The committee has banned the use of all ‘self triggering’ devices that are designed to help to set hooks on all SDAA waters with immediate effect.  The committee believes the use of ‘self triggering’ devices will have a negative impact on fish welfare.  Under this rule ‘self triggering’ devices are defined as those with energy stored within a tension mechanism (such as a spring), which is released when a fish moves away with the hook/bait in its mouth.  Therefore, the use of the ‘Magic Twig’ (recently launched by One More Cast) is banned, as well as any similar device.  Please note that self hooking rigs that simply use the weight of a lead/feeder and/or tight line to the rod/reel  do not constitute ‘self triggering’ devices.

Members are reminded that fish welfare is paramount.  The latest spell of warm weather may put fish under extra stress and also make fisheries more susceptible to fish diseases.  Therefore, fish should be handled with even greater care than usual and returned to the water as quickly as possible.  Members should also follow the ‘check, clean, dry) code for fishing equipment, footwear and clothes to avoid the spread of diseases and invasive species. 
There have been a number of outbreaks of Koi herpesvirus (KHV) across England during 2023 (the FHI maintains a list of sites where KHV has been found):
Finally, a reminder that leadcore is banned on all SDAA waters and please check your rigs are safely constructed before you cast them out.  A carp was recently caught trailing a complete helicopter rig with lead attached.  A bead on the leader material was unable to slide off and release the lead and leader, which made this a potential ‘death rig’

Parking at Pavenham
Temporary notice

Members visiting Pavenham please note the landowner is currently undertaking building work in the area. While this work is in progress can all members visiting this venue please park on the track at the side of the farmers house and ensure they don't block the track, farm equipment or entrances.

Broom Track status Closed

The track around Broom Lake has been closed to vehicles.  The ground had become waterlogged in a number of areas resulting in the track becoming rutted.  It is unlikely to reopen until spring 2024.

SDAA controls the fishing rights on several excellent lakes and premier stretches of the rivers Great Ouse, Ivel and its tributaries in and around Bedfordshire, all available on a single club ticket.  The wide choice of venues and species available cater for both pleasure anglers and specimen hunters

In recent seasons, SDAA’s fisheries have produced an enviable list of specimen fish (catfish over 60lb, carp over 30lb, pike over 25lb, barbel over 14lb, zander, bream and tench over 10lb , chub over 7lb, perch over 4lb and roach over 3lb).

Please explore our website to find details of all our waters, membership and other useful information.  The popular ‘News from the Bank’ section gives up to date information on catches and club news.

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  If you require further information please contact Richard Bell (tel. 07594 253239 or click here to e-mail).



Willington Lake

Airman Pit