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Welcome to the website for Shefford & District Angling Association Ltd.


SDAA controls the fishing rights on several excellent lakes and premier stretches of the rivers Great Ouse, Ivel and its tributaries in and around Bedfordshire, all available on a single club ticket.  The wide choice of venues and species available cater for both pleasure anglers and specimen hunters


In recent seasons, SDAA’s fisheries have produced an enviable list of specimen fish (catfish over 60lb, carp over 30lb, pike over 25lb, barbel over 14lb, zander, bream and tench over 10lb , chub over 7lb, perch over 4lb and roach over 3lb).


Please explore our website to find details of all our waters, membership and other useful information.  The popular ‘News from the Bank’ section gives up to date information on catches and club news.  For a quick overview of SDAA waters and membership have a look at our current flyer (click here to open).


Membership of SDAA is open to all:

  •  annual membership is available from early May and is valid until 15th June the following year (i.e. up to 58 weeks fishing).

  •  there is no additional joining fee for new members

  • membership also entitles you to fish Ivel Protection Association waters.

  • optional night permits are available for those wishing to night fish The Airman, Broom Lake and Willington Lake.


If you require further information please contact Richard Bell (tel. 07594 253239 or click here to e-mail).





Tackleman (Hitchin Market)
With our new 2016-17 membership books now available at our tackle shops and via the Registrar, we need to update members and potential new members about Hitchin Market. 
During the 2015-16 season we sold some of our memberships through the Tackleman fishing tackle stall on Hitchin Market. We have, in common with two other local angling clubs and despite serious and concerted efforts, been unable to collect all monies due to us or get a proper accounting for the books and keys provided to Tackleman for sale. 
The three clubs approached the Directors and Managers of Hitchin Markets Ltd for their help in getting our money and property returned to us. We advised them that Tackleman already had two unsatisfied Court Judgements against them, one of which lists their Hitchin Market address.  They held a meeting with Mike Gunton (the director of Tackleman), who denied he owed any of the three angling clubs any money.  The judgement of the Chairman of Hitchin Markets Ltd, John Simmonds, was that Mr Gunton had not breached the terms of the licence prescribed by the local authority and they did not have grounds to terminate his licence.  In the opinion of the Chairman of Hitchin Markets Ltd it is a private matter between the clubs and Mr Gunton.  Based upon this experience the club will be exercising caution regarding any future dealings they may have with stall holders on Hitchin Market 
We will obviously not be having any relationship with Tackleman or Mike Gunton in future and we should also advise members that Tackleman have in the past also traded through a online shop – www.tackleman.co.uk 
Prior to this we sold membership books on Hitchin Market through Select Fishing and the Tackle Shed from 2011 to early 2015 without any issues.
 We continue to have excellent relations with all the other 11 tackle shops who sell our memberships and we urge you to support these outlets and their hard-working owners.  Full details of our 2016-17 dealers can be found on the membership section of our website 

Following recent repairs the track around the lake is now open.  Please note that this track is only designed to be used by cars and small vans, and will only remain open as long as conditions permit.  Vehicles must be driven around the track with great care at all times.  The track should only be used after dark if absolutely necessary, showing courtesy and consideration to fellow anglers night fishing. 
The track is unsuitable for long wheelbase and/or heavy vehicles.  Any vehicle over 2m in height must be parked in the main car park and not driven around the track, unless the owner has prior written permission from the committee. 
Please call an officer of the club immediately if you see these rules being abused, or if you suspect the track is becoming waterlogged and/or damaged.



The gates at The Airman, Broom Lake and Willington Lake are now fitted with both the old A9 and new A10 locks (you should have this number stamped on your key).  Please make sure you leave the gates locked with the two locks interlinked so that entry can be gained by opening either lock (do not attach the lock to the chain).  The A9 locks will be removed from these venues on 16th June.  As a close season exists on the rivers the gate at the Paxton allotments will be changed to the A10 lock over the next few days. 

SDAA membership cards for the 2016/17 season will be available from early May and will be valid from date of purchase through to 15th June 2017.  All prices will be the same as last season.  Full details about membership, night permits and application forms will appear on the membership section of the SDAA website towards the end of April

BROOM LAKE TRACK OPEN   The track around Broom Lake is now open to vehicles


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Broom Track status OPEN

Airman Pit

Willington Lake